Exclusive Keelo Gramz Interview

Extracts from his interview

 Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

That’s a hard question because I listen to almost anything there is music wise. I’m a hip hop artist So I’ll say top of list people like Jay-Z , Biggie, Snoop, 50 cent, Jadakiss, Busta rhymes, Eminem I’m not going to say Kanye West, he’s too new lol. Basically the artist that take this shit seriously the legends who respect the game , I’m just a student of music and I study it like Im going for my Masters. I take every thing in because its all art.

The ladies love them some KeeloGramz, but who would you love to star alongside you in a video of yours? Describe your ideal video concept with your dream female co-star?

I wouldn’t say that I would pick one in particular. It’s so hard to narrow it down there are so many beautiful women in the world and especially living in a city like Toronto that has some of the hottest girls in the world. Men come from afar for our groupies lol. That’s a joke. Ladies don’t slap me when you see me. . you putting me on the spot here trying to get me in trouble lol…I like to try new things and meet new people threes a lot of girls on my wish list. But I’m not gonna name any names lol you just have to stay tuned and see who I’m spotted with.


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