Born in northhampton, Massachusetts  25% portugese  moved to franklin, tn 20 min, south of nashville at 3 years old because parents were in the christian music mom plays piano and sings dad played guitar they got devorced when i was 7 moved to the hood been in the streets ever since didnt have any family down here relied on the streets for love only white boy in the hood so i got the name powda at 13 been rappin since i was 12 been writin since i was bout 9 started a group "crowned thugs" at 12 there was 6 of us jamal aka thug boy still is my producer still cliqued up wit everybody one of the members (curtis steele) just signed with baltimore this year as a rookie he's a runningback from memphis got much respect in the streets the whole town on my back "i dont just spit this shit" come from nothing everything i got i bought never had any help but got plenty talent " aint to many in the world like me most of em fake " influences pastor troy, b.g. lil boosie(free boosie) webbie 36 mafia master p 2 pac